BLOG: “Living in Bohemia”

Authors and actors and artists and such
Never know nothing, and never know much.
Sculptors and singers and those of their kidney
Tell their affairs from Seattle to Sydney.
Playwrights and poets and such horses’ necks
Start off from anywhere, end up at sex.
Diarists, critics, and similar roe
Never say nothing, and never say no.
People Who Do Things exceed my endurance;
God, for a man that solicits insurance! 
—–Dorothy Parker

The Life and Times of the Legendary Larry Townsend

by Jack FritscherBook Review by Les K. Wright What becomes a legend most? Having his story told by another legend. And who better to tell Larry Townsend’s story than Jack Fritscher?  Author of The Leatherman’s Handbook, Townsend has long been recognized as a primary shaper and influencer of the gay leather-and-kink world, his book a founding … Continue reading The Life and Times of the Legendary Larry Townsend

LGBT vs. Queer

“The absence of a Poor Queer Studies paradigm that might counterbalance current state-of-the-field work is particularly curious in light of the fact that concerns about academic elitism within Queer Studies are an undeniable part of the field’s history. Perhaps we used to hear those charges rather more often than we do now. Notably, Jeffrey Escoffier … Continue reading LGBT vs. Queer

I Was a Working-Class Academic

Melissa Korn (Wall Street Journal) Sixteen major U.S. universities, including Yale University, Georgetown University and Northwestern University, are being sued for alleged antitrust violations because of the way they work together to determine financial-aid awards for students. According to a lawsuit filed in Illinois federal court late Sunday by law firms representing five former students … Continue reading I Was a Working-Class Academic

Update on LTS AIDS Film

Here is the film made of long-term AIDS survivors. Instead of being a documentary, it is a compilation of talking head snippets arranged into a message created by the film-maker. I feel misled. I do appear saying “forty years.” At the time I thought it odd that I did not fill out any paperwork or … Continue reading Update on LTS AIDS Film

A Tale of the Coleherne

Thinking about my slight connection with Stephen Sondheim opened a floodgate of memories. Our friend in common was a tall, dark, handsome (aren’t they all?) pre-bear era leather bear named John Scobie. I met John at the Coleherne originally. He stayed with Sondheim when in NYC and I stayed with a friend (who I had … Continue reading A Tale of the Coleherne

Gay Men’s Friendships

Friendship in Old AgeGay and Lesbian Review The term “friendship,” for Americans, is a very broad and nebulous concept. Where I currently live, many people (whom I consider casual acquaintances) call me a friend just because we exchange “Hellos.” I lived in West Germany for most of the 1970s, where I learned that Germans’ definition … Continue reading Gay Men’s Friendships

The Triumph of Narcissism, Anger, and Resentment?

Review of Our Own Worst Enemy, by Tom Nichols (2021) In recent times I have found the current American ethos best described as “I’ve got mine; you can go fuck yourself.” American individualism, rampant consumer capitalism, and the breakdown of any sense of community – the erosion of fundamental values necessary for a democracy to function … Continue reading The Triumph of Narcissism, Anger, and Resentment?

“All hail, the American Boy!”

A Dismantling of the American Dream In A Cool Million Nathaniel West parodied the myth of the American Dream through the “dismantling” of Lemuel Pitkin. In “All hail, the American Boy!” (The closing sentence of A Cool Million) Les K. Wright recounts his own would-be “dismantling” as the American Dream reveals itself for it truly is. The American … Continue reading “All hail, the American Boy!”

Queer durch Tübingen

I just received the Queer durch Tübingen catalog of the exhibition on the history of homosexuality in Tübingen put on by the Stadtarchiv of the city.  I was an active member of the IHT [Initiativgruppe Homosexualität Tübingen], the gay activist group, from 1975 to 1979.  I moved to Tübingen from Würzburg with my lover and began my doctoral studies at … Continue reading Queer durch Tübingen

Guest Opinion: Susan Sontag and me: Epidemics I have lived through

When the COVID-19 shutdown began in the spring of 2020, I posted on Facebook that I expected the pandemic to be, for me, a pain in the ass, a royal pain in the ass. I am a long-term (pre-highly active anti-retroviral therapy, or HAART) survivor of AIDS. I lived through the first 15 years of … Continue reading Guest Opinion: Susan Sontag and me: Epidemics I have lived through

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